The Process

Bride and Grandmother

Candid Photography, Editorial Details

Always In The Moment

Our photographs are driven on discovering the emotional pulse, the heartbeat of your wedding day, translated into visual memories.

There may be no other time where your messy college roommate is standing next to your favorite great uncle once removed. We see and delight in these unpredictable moments and will deliver them to you as discerning, thoughtful, and carefully edited photographs.

Candid and organic images that portray the spirit of your day is what shapes & inspires our work. Our approach is friendly but unobtrusive, and thrives on the spontaneity of catching moments as they occur naturally. Never cheesy, never forced, always authentic, always in the moment.

Bride's Hair detail

"The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little." - J. K. Z.

What's Next?

How we met:

Maybe it was through a friend? Or a wedding planner? Or maybe just Instagram. Either way I'm thrilled that you landed here and hope you like what you see! Drop a note through my contact form or send a DM and we'll get the conversation started. Tell me about your location, how your plans are shaping up, and maybe what photos really grab you. Many of our clients are super keen on art and design so feel free to nerd out on fashion, music, cinema, or anything else that might be inspiring your choices for the wedding. No detail is too small.

In the beginning:

Let's meet irl: coffee or cocktail? Our studio is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY but we're happy to meet wherever makes the most sense for you and your demanding schedule. Zoom or FaceTime also works if we're unable to connect in person. We'll look at albums and full collections together so you can get a feel for our studio and visualize final image delivery.

Things started to get kinda serious:

So let's make it official! If we're available and you feel like we're a good fit then we'll seal the deal with a contract and 50% deposit. This holds the date and we won't accept other booking requests. You'll receive a password-protected account portal that contains all the important stuff for future reference. BOOM done.

Then the fun begins:

Let's talk about your vision for the event and the experience for your guests. Planning a wedding should feel like a custom art experience full of unique details that communicate your own personal style. Our goal is to fine tune our photography to the scope of your event, taking into consideration all the special circumstances that are unique to you, your family, & guests.

Getting creative:

We do our homework when shooting in new locations and we obsess over light: how the light fills a space or makes a particular pattern on a wall. We might ask you to sneak away for quick pics under a streaming slice of sunshine, but we'll get you right back to the party before you miss your aunt's infamous dance moves.

The big day:

Sit back and relax. We aren't going to ask you to do anything awkward for the camera and we'll guide you through portraits like a breeze. Our approach is friendly, chill, and we'll have a mental map of the spaces where we'd like to create photos. Throughout most of the day our cameras will be seeking out the special moments unfolding around you as they occur naturally - some that you'll have no idea were happening until you see the collection!

The after, after party

We'll send you a lil sneak peek within a week and the full collection is returned within 6-8 weeks. We process all our photos with a timeless sensibility for color and a keen eye for detail learned from years of developing both color and B&W prints in an old-school darkroom: clean & classic image collections that won't feel like bell bottoms ten years from now! The result is a discerning, multi-layered story of your day told through nuanced photojournalism, candid portraits, and editorial details.



Where has your work been published?

Do you work with a second photographer or an assistant?

YES! Well... mostly. It really depends on the scope of your event and size of your guest list. A second photographer allows us to have eyes in more than one place at a time so we can simultaneously capture complimentary angles for comprehensive storytelling. We generally recommend a second photographer if your event has over 60-70 guests. That said, we're very sensitive to any potential "paparazzi effect" that having additional photographers may impart on your event, so we always lean towards a "less is more" philosophy. But for large events over 250ppl, you might benefit from two or more associate photographers. All of these details are customizable and we recommend that you reach out directly to discuss all your options.

Our photos and projects have appeared in print and online at The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Over The Moon, The Knot, BRIDES Magazine, Refinery29, Time Out Magazine, Party Slate, Greenpointers, United With Love, Carats & Cake, Harper's Baazar, Style Me Pretty, H&H weddings, Pure Wow, Brooklyn Bride, and many others. We've received numerous local and national awards for our photography including being named one of "The Best Photographers in America" by BRIDES magazine.

What's up with all those little illustrations?

How do I reserve my date and how does payment work ?

Edward first fell in love with the hand-drawn illustrations created by Open Sea Design Company when searching for stationary for his own wedding. Their work is simultaneously Victorian romantic and a shrine to all things esoteric, but with a contemporary design sensibility. You can check out their IG here. Wunderkammer galore :)

Send us a message and set up a meeting so we can discuss the details of your event and review full collections of photos. If we're available and you feel like we're a good fit then we'll seal the deal with a contract and 50% deposit. Payments can be made via check, e-check, or credit card. This holds the date and we won't accept other booking requests for that time period. You'll receive a password protected account portal that contains all your documents and invoices for future reference.

What other photography work do you do?

When will I get to see my photos and what do I get?

Depending on what time of the year you get married, we spend about six to eight weeks after the wedding meticulously editing your photos. You'll receive a sneak peek within about a week of the wedding with the full collection immediately after the editing process is completed. We process all our photos with a clean & classic sensibility for color learned from many years of processing prints in a traditional darkroom. The result is a timeless collection of images that tells the story of your day in a narrative format. You receive un-watermarked print resolution files, and will have exclusive personal reprint rights. The amount of photos in the collection greatly depends on the variables of the day, and the amount of time spent photographing. On average, you can expect 700 and 1000+ images.

Our photography thrives on a hunger for novel experiences and a genuine curiosity for meeting new people and seeing the world through their eyes. All together this finds expression through many forms of photography including fine art, fashion, editorial, and the occasional brand story for commercial clients. In addition to the wedding world, our images and projects have appeared in art galleries & fairs, Time Out magazine, and the NY Times. Ask about that old local news feature in Virginia about being trapped in a hedge maze with a bear! (and a camera!) Gahhh.

Edward Winter Logo: Botanical Illustration with Owl & Moth