Handmade Custom Albums

Without a doubt the most intimate way to experience of your wedding story is in narrative form expressed through a handmade custom photo album. Ditch the screen and experience the impact of printed photographs. Our albums are custom designed by yours truly and handmade by expert bookmakers in the USA. These heirloom quality albums will showcase your favorite images for generations and complete the narrative of your day.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Choose images for your album

Soon after your full collection has posted you’ll receive an email from the studio requesting that you flag favorite photos for your album and prints.

Flag your images by simply ticking the box on the image hover-over, indicating that you’d like to include that image. You can review and edit your selections anytime through the menu bar at the top of the gallery.

Our albums start with 20 pages (10 spreads). Depending on how the design shapes up a 20 page album will typically hold about 35-50 pictures and you may add more photos if you like. While every album design is unique, we’ve found that most layouts have about 2-3 images per page – some pages will have multiple images, whereas others may stand entirely on their own.  The maximum page count for albums is 80 (about 175 images over 40 spreads), which is helpful to keep in mind if you’d like to add more photos.

Try to choose a variety of images that include details, moments, and portraits from throughout the day. We’ll use these to create a narrative, so its important to have a variety to weave the story together.

For complete price list please contact our studio.




Step 2: Let us know when you’ve finished making image selections

Once you’ve selected your favorite images, send your photographer an email and let us know you’re finished. Please also confirm the size of the album included with your coverage. 10″ x 10″ is the most popular, though some prefer the slightly larger 12″ x 12″ version. The variables that determine the final cost are album dimensions, the amount of images included (number of spreads), and customizations.

Once you’ve finished your selections and emailed your photographer, we’ll begin your custom design. This will take us about two weeks, after which we’ll be in touch with a draft for your review online.

Step 3:  choose your album cover and customizations

While you’re waiting for the design, take a look at the cover selections and additional options below.

Step 4 – Review your design

Once we have a design ready, we will email you with an online proof. After you’ve had a chance to look over it carefully, please enter your notes for edits in the comments section at the bottom of each page.

Almost done!

Step 5 – Confirm/approve the final draft and customizations with your photographer

  • Your photographer will email you with the updated proof, which you must approve online before we can begin production.
  • Respond with your cover material selections, customizations, & preferred shipping address.
  • We offer a 10% discount on additional full size duplicate albums.
  • The albums take about four-six weeks for our bookmakers to construct by hand. Depending on how many rounds of revisions, the album can go from design to delivery in as little as eight weeks.
  • Complete it soon! You must order your album within one (1) calendar year from your wedding date. After this time period, the credit for the products will expire and you are welcome to purchase prints or albums a la carte.

Leather Albums

Our leather albums embody a traditional, classic look that stands the test of time. The range of Italian leathers offer varying grain size and texture. Our luxe leather is soft and suede-like. Personalize with custom debossing or photo cameos. For complete price list please contact our studio.

  • 10 to 40 spreads (20-80 pages)
  • Archival prints in lustre or semi-matte finishes
  • Lay-flat binding with tight creases and no gutter


Leather Album Sample


Custom Album Swatches

Custom Album Swatches

Custom Album SwatchesCustom Album SwatchesFabric Albums

Our premium linens and Japanese Silks bring a crisp, modern sophistication to any album. Choose from a selection of rich colors and patterns. Add personalization with cover debossing or photo cameos for a unique finish. For complete price list please contact our studio.

  • 10 to 40 spreads (20-80 pages)
  • Archival prints in lustre or semi-matte finishes
  • Lay-flat binding with tight creases and no gutter





Custom Album SwatchesCustom Album Swatches

Custom Album Swatches


Cameos provide a beautiful window into your story, set directly in the cover. Selecting the right photo and matching color tones with our fabrics really enhances the album.




Debossing uniquely complements an album cover making it personal and distinct. You can choose between our tried & true standard fonts or delve into bespoke options, allowing you to choose virtually any font or graphic. You can add custom design embellishments and artwork for further personalization.



Standard vs. Custom Debossing

  • Standard debossing includes one of the ten standard fonts (below) and you can choose up to two lines of phrasing.
  • Custom debossing allows you to choose virtually any font (including scripts), custom designs, & artwork. Get your wheels turning by checking out some of Adobe’s script fonts at this link.
  • We offer two sizes for custom debossing: Large designs are up to 7×3 inches and small designs up to 4×2.

Standard Fonts:

Standard Fonts


Custom Fonts:


Custom Variation Sample – Carolyna Pro



Custom Variation – P22 Zaner


Custom Variation – Bickham Script Pro 3


Custom Variation – Adelicia Script Clean



Debossing Styles

Blind debossing is our default debossing style for all cover materials. When covers are blind debossed, it means that no color or foil is added to the stamp. However, some of our Luxe Leathers show a slightly darker tone in areas that are debossed (primarily seen on Latte, Chai & Camel – sometimes noticeable on Vino, Alpine & Fog).

Foil debossing is available exclusively for our new Luxe Linen covers. Color options include gold, silver, and rose gold.


Additional Notes

  • HANDCRAFTED. Our albums & books are debossed by hand. This gives us complete control in every situation. Materials react differently to various fonts and custom designs, so our handcrafted process allows us to tailor each album impression.
  • KNOW YOUR MATERIALS. Debossing does not work for all materials and the following are not recommended for debossing: Coffee Bean Leather, Pinecone Leather, Maple Leather, Crema Leather, Midnight Black Fabric, Almond Fabric. For materials that are hard to deboss, we recommend using a cameo instead.
  • COMPOSITION. Our materials are beautiful on their own – using cameos and debossing simultaneously can sometimes be distracting. When debossing, be mindful of the size of your album relative to the length of your phrases. Lengthy text may look great on a 12×12 album, but overbearing on an 8×8 album. Leaving some negative space on your cover is important, just like an album spread.